All employees working in Great Britain are entitled to statutory paid holiday – for more information please see

New full time staff accrue holidays of approximately one week per three months worked, but whomever you get to do your payroll will be able to advise you of the exact breakdown.

Bank and Statutory Holidays are included as part of employee annual paid holiday, and are not taken as extra days above and beyond the annual entitlement.

We recommend you maintain a degree of flexibility and understanding with regard to time off for any religious festivals, for example Easter and Christmas.

Employees are entitled to remuneration during their employer’s holidays, as these would be normal working days for the employee, unless they coincided with their own holiday leave. It may be helpful to communicate with your staff so that can plan their holiday leave during a similar period – if mutually convenient.

Unpaid leave is discretionary and should be agreed between employer and employee.

On leaving your employment, your staff would be entitled to holiday pay in lieu of any holidays not taken.

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