You can expect your Chef/Cook to undertake the following:

  • Controlling the kitchen: preparing, cooking and presenting meals for the household.
  • Managing other kitchen staff, and sometime housekeeping or butler duties may be required.
  • Presenting menus for approval and discusses daily requirements with employer, house manager, housekeeper or butler.
  • Keeping the kitchen in good condition, cleaning all surfaces and floors after use.
  • Placing orders for all supplies and perishables.
  • Being present for all functions to supervise and ensure correct presentation of all meals / hors d’oeuvre trays etc.
  • Keeping accounts for all expenditure.
  • Supervising other kitchen staff.
  • Oversing the preparation of breakfasts, lunch and some suppers for the staff.
  • Carrying out any other task the employer may reasonably ask.

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